Session I

Friday, June 16, 2017 - 3:45pm to 5:15pm

I.1 – Venue: Loria 250

World Literature, the Worlding of Literature and African Texts
EC-sponsored Panel

Moradewun Adejunmobi, University of California, Davis (Chair)

Ranka Primorac, University of Southampton
Genre, Crisis and the African Republic of Letters

Olakunle George, Brown University
Some Faces of Globalism in African Literature

Gaurav Desai, University of Michigan
Is African Literature World Literature?

Stephanie Bosch Santana, University of California, Los Angeles
The Digital Worlding of African Literature

I.2 – Venue: LC 317

Celebrating Buchi Emecheta’s Place and Contribution to African Literature

Kadija (George) Sesay, University of Brighton (Chair)

Sylvester Onwordi, Independent
Buchi Emecheta and the Act of Reparation: A Need to Tell Stories

Otymeyin Agbajoh-Laoye, Monmouth University
Re-writing Empire, Gendering Experience, and Historicizing Gender in Buchi Emecheta’s Novels with The Rape of Shavi as Literary Condensation

Helen Chukwuma, Jackson State University
The Feminism of Buchi Emecheta in Second Class Citizen

Modhumita Roy, Tufts University
Writing Resistance in Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood

Mark DiGiacomo, Rutgers University
Buchi Emecheta’s Bad Form: Destination Biafra and the Sociological Imagination

I.3 – Venue: Loria 351

Meet the Author: Aminatta Forna with Ernest Cole, Hope College (Chair)
Roundtable sponsored by the Windham Campbell Prize, Yale University

I.4 – Venue: 212 York, Room 106

Enseigner la littérature Africaine francophone aux Etats-Unis. Défis didactiques et politiques
(Pedagogical and Political Challenges in Teaching French-language African Texts in the USA)


Lise Mba Ekani, Louisiana State University (Chair)

Lise Mba Ekani, Louisiana State University

Eileen Julien, Indiana University, Bloomington

Pius Ngandu Nkashama, Louisiana State University

Aliko Songolo, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Cheikh Thiam, Ohio State University

Soraya Mekerta, Spelman College

I.5 – Venue: 220 York, Room 001

Black South African Intellectuals, Print Culture and Transnationalism

Bhekizizwe Peterson, University of the Witswatersrand (Chair)

Janet Remmington, University of York
Sol Plaatje, the Pullman Car, and Print Cultures: In Pursuit of Transnationalism 

Khwezi Mkhize, University of Cape Town
J. T. Jabavu, Imvo Zabantsundu, Colonial Belonging and the Diasporic Imaginary

Bhekizizwe Peterson, University of the Witwatersrand
Drum Magazine and Peter Abrahams: Pathways and Fissures of Black Transnationalism between 1951 and 1960

I.6 – Venue: LC 211

African Literature in/and Translation: Readings, Renderings and Interpretations in Global Contexts
TRACALA: Translation Caucus Roundtable

Wangui Wa Goro, Translator/Translation Theorist and Promoter: SIDENSI (Chair)

Tomi Adeaga, University of Vienna
The Translator as a Creator?

Irène d’Almeida, University of Arizona

Joyce Dixon-Fyle, DePauw University

Marjolijn de Jager, Literary Translator

Janis Mayes, Syracuse University

Pamela Smith, University of Nebraska, Omaha

Wangui Wa Goro, Translator/Translation Theorist and Promoter: SIDENSI

I.7 – Venue: LC 205

Translating and Transcribing Postcolonial Spaces

Rebekah Cumpsty, University of York (Chair)

Joyce Dixon-Fyle, DePauw University
The Literary Politics of Walking: Examining Teju Cole’s Open City as a Symbol and as a Feature of the Global Space 

Rebekah Cumpsty, University of York
Chris Abani’s Transnational Bodies: Scaling (Neo)imperial Realities

Giftus Ntambo, University of Yaounde 1
Postcolonial Theory, Historical Context, and Conflict Resolution in Son of the Native Soil

Ifeoluwa Aboluwade, University of Bayreuth
Staging and Translating Spatio-Temporality in Postcolonial Nigerian Drama: A Study of Femi Osofisan’s Women of Owu

I.8 – Venue: LC 206

Learning and Teaching In/From African Literatures
Panel 2 of 2

Stephanie Selvick, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater (Chair)

Stephanie Selvick, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
African Authors, “Global” Setting, U.S. Classrooms

Michael M. Kretzer, Centre for International Development and Environmental Research
Influence of Language Attitude(s) Towards English and Indigenous Languages: Mismatch between the (Overt) Language Policy and (Covert) Language Practice(s) at Public Schools in Botswana and South Africa

Jennifer Horwitz, Tufts University
A Global Education System in Aidoo’s Our Sister Killjoy

I.9 – Venue: 212 York, 04A

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o in World Literature

Gichingiri Ndigirigi, University of Tennessee (Chair)

Gladys Denkyi-Manieson, Central University
Of Senses, Meanings and Literature: Armah and Ngũgĩ

Neelofer Qadir, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Afrasian Imaginaries in Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Wizard of the Crow      

Barbara Webb, Hunter College
Reading Globally Across Cultures: Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Globalectics

Gichingiri Ndigirigi, University of Tennessee
“Africanized” Trauma Witnessing in Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s A Grain of Wheat

I.10 – Venue: Loria B51

The Politics of Anglophone World Literature: Colonial, Anticolonial, Postcolonial

Anne Gulick, University of South Carolina (Chair)

Jason Price, Virginia Commonwealth University
Colonial and Pre-Colonial Relations: By the Sea, Sculptors of Mapungubwe, and the Question of “World Literature”

Anne Gulick, University of South Carolina
Silenced Struggles: Forgetting to Remember Anticolonialism in Twenty-First-Century Anglophone African Fiction   

Aghogho Akpome, University of Zululand
Palimpsestic Homescapes: Re-Imagining Space and Belonging in Recent African Fiction

Rasheed Adedoyin Ismaila, University of Abuja
Bode Osanyin (1940-2005): The Pan-African Brechtian

I.11 – Venue: 212 York, Room 004

African Literature, World Literature?

Zakariae Bouhmala, Jawaharlal Nehru University (Chair)

Lekan Julius Oyegoke, University of Botswana
Global Pyrotechnics and the Aesthetics of African Literature   

Lucia Weiss, Freie Universität Berlin
Listening to the Voices of World Literature: An Exploration of the Polyphonic Oeuvres of Boubacar Boris Diop and Mia Couto 

Kwaku Larbi Korang, Ohio State University
Olaniyan’s Post-Global Push: African Literary Criticism from Nationalist to World Mission

Zakariae Bouhmala, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Leaving Africa to Enter the World: Redefining World Literature Through a Comparative Study of “Blood Knot” and “The New Toyi Toyi”

I.12 – Venue: LC 105

Film and Fiction in Francophone West Africa

Cary Campbell, Antioch College (Chair)

Cary Campbell, Antioch College
The National Tug of Home: Allegorizing the Nation in Diome’s Ventre de l’Atlantique and Tadjo’s Loin de mon père      

Guillaume Coly, University of South Carolina
Why Aujourd’hui (2012) is Tomorrow’s film     

Brandon Guernsey, St. Mary’s College of Maryland 
Un paradis imaginaire: Recounting the immigrant experience in the fiction of Fatou Diome  

E. Barclay Spriggs, Louisiana State University
Stay Tuned: The Radio in Ken Bugul’s La Folie et la Mort

I.13 – Venue: LC 104

Cross Continental and Pan-African Connections

Felisa Reynolds, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Chair)

Felisa Reynolds, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Maryse Condé’s Mets et merveilles: Literature, cooking and culture, across continents       

Samuel Zadi, Central Connecticut State University
La “Solidarite Africaine” dans l’Afrique Traditionnelle: Mythe ou Realite? Etude des Contes Traditionnels

Roselyne Gerazime, Emory University
De la Mémoire Empoisonnée à la Mémoire Médicament: Le gouffre et la mémoire dans l’oeuvre d’Edouard Glissant et de Radcliffe Bailey

Malyoune Benoit, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Afropean Literature as World Literature

I.14 – Venue: 220 York, Room 003A

Narrating Change through Women

Immaculate Kizza, University of Tennesse, Chattanooga (Chair)

Nancy Henaku, Michigan Technological University
Transnational African Women as Voice(s) of Conscience: Aidoo’s Our Sister Killjoy, Adichie’s Americanah and Atta’s A Bit of Difference

Immaculate Kizza, University of Tennesse, Chattanooga
Nwapa, Ba, and the Womanist Discourse

Chioma Toni-Duruaku, Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri  and A. B. C. Toni Duruaku, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri
Literature and Social Change: Ifeoma Okoye’s Soul Healers and Between Women