Session D

Thursday, June 15, 10:30-12:00pm

D.1 - Venue: Loria 250

Roundtable: Where in World Literature is Africa? – Monica Popescu, McGill University (Chair)

  • Akin Adesokan, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Susan Andrade, University of Pittsburgh
  • Kenneth Harrow, Michigan State University
  • Monica Popescu, McGill University
  • Bhakti Shringarpure, University of Connecticut
  • Gaurav Desai, University of Michigan (Discussant)

D.2 - Venue: 212 York, Room 106

Roundtable: Okey Ndibe and Life-Writing: Looking Igbos in the Eye with Okey Ndibe – Kalu Ogbaa, Southern Connecticut State University (Chair)

  • Don Burness, Franklin Pierce University
  • John Masterson, University of Sussex
  • Okey Ndibe, Writer
  • Kalu Ogbaa, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Catherine Onyemelukwe, Independent scholar & Writer

D.3 - Venue: Loria 351

Roundtable (sponsored by the Traphagen Alumni Speakers Series, Yale College Office of Student Affairs)

Africans on the Moon: New Explorations in Science Fiction and Literature with Guest Author: Deji Olukotun, chaired by Michael Kelleher

D.4 - Venue: 220 York, Room 001

Panel 1 of 2: Sickness and Health, Literature and Medicine – Babasinmisola Fadirepo, Louisiana State University (Chair)

  • Rosemary J. Jolly, Pennsylvania State University – “Illness Porn” and its Sub-Saharan African Narrative Resistors: Lessons in Fifth Wave Public Health Theory
  • H. Oby Okolocha, University of Benin – The Quotidian in Recent African Drama: The Quest to Cure “Africa’s Diseases” in Chinyere Grace Okafor’s The New Toyi Toyi
  • Kaelyn Kaoma, University of Toronto – “Depression was what happened to Americans:” Mental Illness in Adichie’s Americanah
  • Ehijele F. Eromosele, University of the Witswatersrand – Narrative Comorbidity: Madness and the Regimes of Commitment in African Fiction
  • Cynthia Ward, University of Hawaii, Manoa – Fetishizing the “Z” Word

D.5 - Venue: LC 211

FVM: Film and Visual Media Caucus Panel 1 of 2: African Films and Global Analytical Frameworks I – P. Julie Papaioannou, University of Rochester (Chair)

  • Matthew H. Brown, University of Wisconsin, Madison – Nigerian Television at the Gates: Segun Olusola and the Periliberal World Order
  • Moradewun Adejunmobi, University of California, Davis – Locating African Film and Television Cultures: Local, World, and Transnational
  • Olivier J. Tchouaffe, Southwestern University – Revisiting Bamako (2006): Thoughts on Academic Production in Authoritarian and Precarious Contexts
  • Jean Ouédraogo, College of the Holy Cross (Discussant)

D.6 - Venue: Loria B51

Panel: Life-Writing from Africa to the World: Relationality, Embodiment, and the Counter-Canonical – Kanika Batra, Loyola University Chicago (Chair)

  • Ketu Katrak, University of California, Irvine – The Political is the Personal: South African Indian Jay Pather’s Selected Performance Works
  • Sonja Darlington, Beloit College – How Place Affects the Traveller: Noo Sarwo-Wiwa’s Relational Shifts around Nigeria, the Black Body, and Literature
  • Kanika Batra, Loyola University Chicago – Writing Black, Writing Back: Time, Space, Whiteness, and Academic Relationality

D.7 - Venue: 212 York, Room 004A

Panel: Africa, Diaspora, and Afro-Futures: Emerging Paradigms/Debates – Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi, Western University (Chair)

  • Anne Gulick, University of South Carolina – Decolonial Critical Pedagogy
  • Tsitsi Jaji, Duke University – Joining the BBC: Caregiving, Labor, and Diaspora Entanglements
  • Christopher Okonkwo, University of Missouri, Columbia – Make Umuofia Great Again!: Rereading Things Fall Apart’s Okonkwo in the Age of Trump
  • Matthew Omelsky, Duke University – Toward an African Fugitivity: Expanding the Scope of the “New Black Studies”
  • Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi, Western University – Black Thanatopoetics? Death, Dying, and Diaspora Opacity

D.8 - Venue: LC 105

Panel 1 of Seminar: Saharan Identities in Music and Literature – Kevin Hickey, Albany College

of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Chair)

  • Sophia Azeb, New York University – Performing Africanité: African Cultural Festivals and the Saharan Quandary
  • Latifa Bounou, SUNY Oneonta – Gnawa: Religion, Syncretism and Beliefs
  • Mohamed Ghousmane, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Folklore and Performance in the songs of kel Ewey Tuareg of Aïr (Niger)
  • Mark Drury, Queens College CUNY – Temporalities of Disjuncture: Memoire and Memories of 1970s Decolonization in the Sahara
  • Maria G. Traub, Neumann University – A Forgotten Prototype of Algerian Women’s Writing: Histoire de ma vie: Fadhma Ait Mansour Amrouche

D.9 - Venue: 212 York, Room 004

Panel: Relation and Glissantian Poetics – Renée Larrier, Rutgers University (Chair)

  • Gabriel Bamgbose, Rutgers University – Questions of the Archive and Memory in Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnificent
  • Kathleen Ellis, Rutgers University – “I am coming to your waterfall:” Nature, History, and the Individual in Edwidge Danticat’s The Farming of Bones
  • Georgette Mitchell, Rutgers University – The (Ante)Islands: Avalasse and its Soluble (A)verse in Franco-Caribbean Poetics

D.10 - Venue: Loria B50

WOCALA: Women’s Caucus Panel 2 of 2: African Feminism in Twenty-First-Century World Politics – Ada Uzoamaka Azodo, Indiana University Northwest (Chair)

  • Rose A. Sackeyfio, Winston Salem State University – Making War on Women: Sexual Abuse and Violence in Chris Abani’s Becoming Abigail and On Black Sisters’ Street by Chika Unigwe
  • P. Jane Splawn, Livingstone College – Gendered Violence in NoViolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names
  • Ada Uzoamaka Azodo, Indiana University Northwest – Gender and Global Politics Today

D.11 - Venue: LC 104

Roundtable: Ernest Cole’s Space and Trauma in the Writing of Aminatta Forna – Eustace Palmer (Chair)

  • Eustace Palmer, Georgia College and State University
  • Oumar Cherif Diop, Kennesaw State University
  • Mohamed Kamara, Washington and Lee University
  • Abioseh Porter, Drexel University
  • Ernest Cole, Hope College (respondent)

[Book launch, Weds 14 June 9:30pm - Ernest Cole, Space and Trauma in the Writings of Aminatta Forna at the Africa World Press Bookstall in the Booksellers’ Area, Afro-American Cultural Center]

D.12 - Venue: LC 205

Women in Francophone Film & Literature – Micheline Rice-Maximin, Swarthmore College (Chair)

  • Tama Hamilton-Wray, Michigan State University – Exilic Visions of Home: Crossing Borders in Search of Father, Mother, and Self in African Diasporic Films
  • Cherie Maiden, Furman University – African Women and Womanhood in Léonora Miano’s Crépuscule du tourment
  • Regine Isabelle Joseph, Queens College CUNY – Global Feminism in Practice: The Trans-Atlantic Correspondence of Marie Vieux Chauvet & Simone de Beauvoir

D.13 - Venue: LC 206

Panel 2 of 2: Masculinities – Uchechukwu Umezurike, University of Alberta (Chair)

  • Uchechukwu Umezurike, University of Alberta – Unquenched Desire: Masculinity in Nigerian Popular Fiction
  • Cecil Tengatenga, Yale University – Gender, Sexuality and Health: Deconstructing Masculinity in Africa
  • Nafeesa Nichols, University of Bergen – Popular Culture in Niq Mhlongo’s After Tears and Kgebetli Moele’s Room 207

D.14 - Venue: Loria 360

Panel 1 of 2: The Politics of Translation & Poetics of Urban Hybrid Languages  – Peter Vakunta, University of Indianapolis (Chair)

  • Wangui Wa Goro, Translator/Translation Theorist and Promoter: SIDENSI – Re(w)riting Empires through Literary Translation? A Review of the Last 50 Years
  • Amatoritsero Ede, Independent Scholar – The Untranslatability of African Language Literature
  • Olabode Ibironke, Rutgers University – Publishing Translations
  • Doseline Kiguru, University of Cape Town – Language and Literary Awards: Expanding Cultural Boundaries
  • Peter Vakunta, University of Indianapolis – The Metrolingua Francas of Urban Youth in Africa

D.15 - Venue: LC 208

Panel 1 of 2: Post-Apartheid Art Worlds – Jill Planche, Brock University (Chair)

  • Andrew van der Vlies, Queen Mary University of London – Stasis Anxieties: Time, Capital, and Conflict in Some Contemporary South African Fictions
  • Erin Schwartz, Wenzhou-Kean University – Migrant Signifiers: Immigrants, Refugees, and Regaining Place in the Art Work of Berni Searle
  • Jill Planche, Brock University – Intermezzo: “An instant of human existence:” Amy Jephta’s Kristalvlakte seen through Gilles Deleuze’s Concept of the “Minor”
  • Mandisa Haarhoff, University of Florida – Between Pessimism and Optimism: Post-apartheid Blackness in South African Literature
D.16 - Venue: LC 317
Panel: Les Maquisards prennent la parole. It’s the Outlaw’s Turn to Speak! – Cilas Kemedjio, University of Rochester & Gilbert Doho, Case Western Reserve University (Chairs)
  • Cilas Kemedjio, University of Rochester – La mémoire amputée: conversations post-mortem entre La Mémoire amputée de Were Were Liking et Une Feuille dans le vent de Jean-Marie Teno
  • Gilbert Doho, Case Western Reserve University – Femmes, maquis et guerre de libération au Cameroun: Singue Mura et La Mémoire amputée ou devoir de mémoire envers les maquisardes: Essai d’approche matriarcale de l’Afrique contemporaine
  • Albert Jiatsa, Université de Maroua – Entre fictionnalisation des figures historiques et devoir de mémoire : Monseigneur Albert Ndongmo et Ernest Ouandié dans Main basse sur le Cameroun de Mongo Beti
  • Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi, North Carolina State University (President of ALA, discussant)