Session C

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 8:45am to 10:15am

C.1 – Venue: LC 211

Formal Innovations in Contemporary African Fiction

Eleni Coundouriotis (Chair)

Duncan McEachern Yoon, University of Alabama
The Global South Novel: Imaginaries of China in Bofane’s Congo Inc.

Sara Hanaburgh, St. John’s University
Cinematic Narrative and the Soundscape in the “New” African Francophone Novel

Bhakti Shringarpure, University of Connecticut
Networked Identity, National Identity

Monica Popescu, McGill University
Writing the War in Angola: Four Decades of Innovation

C.2 – Venue: 220 York, Room 001

Worlding Hispanophone and Lusophone Africa: Critical Approaches
LHCALA: Lusophone/Hispanophone Caucus – Panel 2 of 3

Joanna Boampong, University of Ghana (Chair)

Dorothy Odartey-Wellington, University of Guelph
Whose Land? Whose Literature? Whose World? - Memory and Identity in Saharawi Creative Expression

Sarita Addy, University of Western Ontario
Creating a Spanish Identity in Africa

Ana Rueda, University of Kentucky
“The Moor from Biscay:” Renegades in Nineteenth-Century Morocco and the Reneging of Spain’s Colonialism

Luana Souza, Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso
Poetry, Struggle, and Independence: Paths of Mozambican Anticolonial Poetry

C.3 – Venue: 212 York, Room 004A

Queer Theory in Film and Fiction
Panel 1 of 2

Ernest Emenyonu, University of Michigan, Flint (Chair)

Lindsey Green-Simms, American University
Censorship and Queer East African Screen Media: Notes from the Field

William Spurlin, Brunel University London
Politiques Sexuelles/Textuelles en Afrique du Nord: Transcultural Intersections and Translative Displacements in Contemporary Queer Francophone Writing from the Maghreb

Grant Andrews, Stellenbosch University
Race and the Boundaries of Desire in South African Queer Film: Oliver Hermanus’s Skoonheid

John Hawley, Santa Clara University; Chimalum Nwankwo; Patricia T. Emenyonu, University of Michigan, Flint (Respondents)

C.4 – Venue: Loria B51

After Continental Coherence: Reading African Literature in the Era of World Literature

Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra, Pennsylvania State University (Chair)

Jeanne-Marie Jackson, Johns Hopkins University
The Novel of Ideas in Africa: Philosophy As/Against the Global.

Nienke Boer, Yale-NUS College
Reading Adichie in Singapore: Rethinking Afropolitanism from South and South East Asia

Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra, Pennsylvania State University
Planetary Detectives: On Genre and the (Post-) Global Circulations of African Literature

C.5 – Venue: Loria B50

Between Fiction and Testimony: African and Afro-diasporic Filmmaking

Patricia Pia-Célérier, Vassar College & Odile Cazenave, Boston University (Chairs)

Daniela Ricci, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre
Diasporic Women filming France Today

Aliko Songolo, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Aimé Césaire on Screen

Patricia Pia-Célérier, Vassar College
Framing the 2010 earthquake in Haïti: Raoul Peck’s Assistance fatale/Fatal Assistance (2013) and Meurtre à Pacot/Murder in Pacot (2014)

Odile Cazenave, Boston University
Retour au Cahier (2013): Fabienne and Véronique Kanor, Revisiting [One’s] Roots through Writing and Filming

C.6 – Venue: 212 York, Room 106

Voices of Political Engagement in Contemporary North African Literature and Beyond

Mildred Mortimer, University of Colorado, Boulder & Sonia Lee, Trinity College (Chairs)

Mildred Mortimer, University of Colorado, Boulder 
The Trauma of War and the Search for Reconciliation: Maïssa Bey, Entendez-vous dans les montagnes

Sonia Lee, Trinity College
Poésie et Engagement, Tahar Bekri, poète tunisien

Mary Vogl, Colorado State University
Abdelkebir Khatibi and the Writing of Art as Political Engagement

Mona El Khoury, Tufts University
Zahia Rahmani’s Jewish “Harkeology”

C.7 – Venue: LC 105

African Oral Tradition and Literature in the World “Vernacular”

Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (Chair)

Ernest Cole, Hope College
Re-inscribing Trauma on Disfigured Bodies and Maimed Souls: Aminatta Forna’s The Memory of Love

Kasongo M. Kapanga, University of Richmond
Orature through Musicality and Reiteration in Mujila’s Tram 83

Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo
African Storytellers in Exile

Akintunde Akinyemi, University of Florida (discussant)

C.8 – Venue: LC 104

Résistance, Exil et justice sociale dans la littérature africaine

René Gnalega, Université Felix Houphouët Boigny (Chair)

René Gnalega, Université Felix Houphouët Boigny
Bernard Dadié et Léon Gontran Damas: Deux Poètes, Une Même Vision du Combat

Anoha Clokou, École Normale Supérieure d’Abidjan
Lire et Analyser le Texte Littéraire autrement à partir d’une Étude Musicologique

Goré Orphée, École Normale Supérieure d’Abidjan
Poétique d’un Naufrage Programmé

Camara Nangala, Ivorian writer
Désengagement ou Engagement: l’Écrivain Africain peut-il être un Simple Spectateur?

C.9 – Venue: 212 York, Room 004

Mothers, Daughters, and Gendered Violence
WOCALA: Women’s Caucus Panel 1 of 2

P. Jane Splawn, Livingstone College (Chair)

Renée Larrier, Rutgers University
Femmes au temps des carnassiers: Dictatorship and Gendered Violence

Victoria Meye Beri, University of Yaounde I
Leave Her Whole: Female Genital Mutilation and the Cultural Dilemma in Osman Conteh’s Unanswered Cries and Pat T. Nkweteyim’s Nkuma

Jaouad Radouani, Mohamed I University
Women in North African Present Day Theatre: From Tradition to Revolution

C.10 – Venue: Loria 351

The Worlds of African Literature: Worlds, Systems and Limit Cases in the African Republic of Letters
Panel 2 of Seminar

Ranka Primorac, University of Southampton & Madhu Krishnan, University of Bristol (Chairs)

Ranka Primorac, University of Southampton
Ordeal, Rebirth and the African Republic of Letters

Nathan Suhr-Sytsma, Emory University
“Back to national literatures!” The Nigeria Prize for Literature and the World Republic of Letters

Jarad Jon Zimbler, University of Birmingham
Richard Wright’s World

C.11 – Venue: LC 205

Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie
Panel 2 of 2

Pauline Ada Uwakweh, North Carolina A&T State University (Chair)

Kate Harlin, University of Missouri
Chimamanda Adichie’s Parodies of Periodization

Amy Scott, Kennesaw State University
Hierarchy of American Codes: Semiotics and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie       

Marame Gueye, East Carolina University
Chimamanda Adichie as the Single Story of African Literature

Rhonda Cobham-Sander, Amherst College
Digital Displacement in the Work of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

C.12 – Venue: LC 206

The Refugee in African Literature

Alexander Dawson, University of Connecticut (Chair)

Susanna L. Sacks, Northwestern University
The Migrant and The Refugee: Contrasting Images of Movement in Zimbabwean Poetry from South Africa

Lowell Brower, Harvard University
Cow-less Cowboy Praise Poetry and Weapon-less Warrior Orature: Literary Renaissance in a Rwandan Refugee Camp

Arpita Mandal, University of Connecticut
Nuancing the “Refugee” Figure in Literature

Alexander Dawson, University of Connecticut
Negotiating Survival: Self-Fashioning in the Refugee

C.13 – Venue: Loria 360

Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Other Worlds & Future Worlds
Panel 1 of 2

Mahriana Rofheart, Georgia Gwinnett College (Chair)

Irikidzayi Manase, University of the Free State
The Literary Imaginings Pitting South Africa and the Global World in a Post-Political and Environment Conflict Future World

Kirk Sides, University of Johannesburg
Thinking the Anthropocene from Africa: Apocalypse and the End of Neoliberal Time

Laura Edmunds, Georgia State University
Coming of Age in “The World:” Reimagining Genre in Nnedi Okorafor’s Young Adult Novels

Amy Riddle, University of California, Davis
Capital and Infrastructure in Short African Science Fiction

C.14 – Venue: LC 317

North African Performance and Literary Cultures

Jill Jarvis, Yale University (Chair)

Erin Twohig, Georgetown University
Where in the World is Moroccan Literature?

Nasrin Qader, Northwestern University
Encounters on Borders of Chance and Destiny

Bernard Aresu, Rice University
Global Dissidence, Subjective Agencies: Zohra Drif, Hélène Cixous, and Danielle Michel-Chich on Revolt and Terror

Matthew Brauer, Northwestern University
The Politics of the Relation between Text and Territory in the Maghrebi Novel as Atlas

C.15 – Venue: LC 210

African-Caribbean and African-American Connections

Dale Byam, Brooklyn College CUNY (Chair)

Dale Byam, Brooklyn College CUNY
African Sensibility in the Work and Practice of August Wilson

Sara Gallagher, University of Waterloo
“I will write for you:” Jennie Carter, The San Francisco Elevator, and African-American Periodical Culture in the American West

Julia Tigner, Auburn University
Under the Gaze: Forging Loopholes of Retreat in Bellocq’s Ophelia by Natasha Trethewey

Marcie Casey, Auburn University
Monstrosity of the Mulatta Medusa: A Queering of Color in Zora Neale Hurston’s Color Struck

C.16 – Venue: LC 208

The Past and Future in East African Literature
Panel 1 of 2

Billy Kahora, Managing Editor, Kwani? (Chair)

Charles Cantalupo, Pennsylvania State University
Violence, Bordering on Epic, in the—Colonial, Pre and/or Post—Eritrean Literary Space

Alex Wanjala, University of Nairobi
Globalism, Cosmopolitanism and their Effects on (Re) Defining the Kenyan Literary Text

Jennifer Ongalo, Avondale College of Higher Education
Dala: Appropriation of Luo identity and belonging in Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye’s Coming to Birth

Aaron Mushengyezi, Makerere University
“Technologizing” Orality: Toward a Hybrid Model of Oral Media for Rural Communities in Central Uganda

C.17 – Venue: LC 318

Learning and Teaching In/From African & Caribbean Literatures
Panel 1 of 2

Andrew Armstrong, University of the West Indies (Chair)

Lafleur Cockburn, University of the West Indies
Promoting Inclusivity in the Caribbean Literary Canon: A Reading of Vincentian Writers

Cynthia Ward, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Identity Politics and Postcolonial Pedagogy: Teaching Nigerian Literature at the University of Hawaii, Manoa

Xin Li
Speaking from the Silence—Language, Violence and History in M. Nourbese Philip’s Looking for Livingstone: An Odyssey of Silence